In the 1940's, jazz diva Billie Holiday sang "God bless the child that's got his own." The International Child Program was created so that the child "without his own" could be exposed to what was once considered a luxury.


Making a difference


The International Child Program

The International Child Program is a New York City based non-profit organization that utilizes the arts to raise funds to help educate and support children.


Our Mission

ICP Director Electra Weston in the news.

ICP's mission is to break down racial barriers. Children do not discriminate; society teaches them negative stereotypes; to hate; to segregate. ICP teaches them to return to the mind of a child and learn about other human beings before judging them.

Electra Weston, founder of The International Child Program and Spelman college alumni says, "After college, travel was the best education that life could prepare for me. My goal is to help today's youth have the same opportunities."

Gala / Benefit


The International Child Program
(ICP) hosts annual Gala Benefits to financially support schools and youth organizations around the world. Recent fundraisers supported children in Senegal, Jamaica, and the United States. The programs include performances from international artists, food from around the world, global fashion shows, and much more.